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Off The Court: Basketball Training and Sports Performance Podcast

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Welcome to Close The Gate Hoops's Podcast, "Off The Court: Basketball Training Podcast." CTG Hoops is the #1 basketball training company in the state of Wisconsin according to google. Close the Gate is a basketball coaching company currently training in Janesville and La Crosse, Wisconsin. CTGHoops purpose is stated within our mission statement, "Highly Skilled on the Court. Better People off the Court." We understand that basketball ends for all of us one day. So our mission as a company is for our students to know WHO they are WITHOUT the basketball. It's NOT about what we accomplish in life... but WHO we become through the process. We design our training around three major principles: 1. Psychological Make Up (Mindset and Mental Training) 2. Physical Make-Up (Basketball Skills and Basketball Athleticism) 3. Self Improvement Make-Up (Life Coaching) Close the Gate has trained over 250+ students within the last year. Ages have ranged from 4 years old, all the way to 21 years old. Students have traveled from up to an hour away from any of our locations to come train with us. CTG has over 125+ five-star google reviews. Our podcast, "Off The Court: Mindset and Mental Training Podcast," has over 7 thousand downloads. Lastly, all of our social media pages have more than a combined 110 thousand followers. You can find these pages on any social media platform, @ctghoops. Our goal is to make you the best possible player AND person that you can be. Excelling past any perceived limitations before joining us. CTGHoops wants to influence and impact as many lives as possible to make them all the best possible versions of themselves. Are you ready to take your game and life to the next level?